Welcome Smooth Jazz listeners.

The Source: Smooth Jazz Radio - KJAC-DB started broadcasting in a small studio apartment in Portland, Oregon as The Source: Smooth Jazz and More during the fall of October 1999 on Live365. About a year later, the broadcast moved and started streaming on the ShoutCast platform and can be located in their Radio Directory.

The station changed it's name to The Source: Smooth Jazz Radio in July 2012. The station became part of the Digital Radio Uniform ID on July 28th, 2012 with the callsign KJAC-DB. The station moved to the Radionomy platform when the Copyright Royalty Board music rates increased, and the expiration of the Webcaster Settlement Act that killed thousands of small webcaster like this station. Left this platform and returned back to Shoutcast.

The station went back to Live365.com, but with a smaller number of streaming hours and license through Live365.com. So if you like what you hear on this broadcast, drop me an e-mail The Source:Smooth Jazz Radio- KJAC-DB.  Also donations are always encouraged and it goes a long ways in helping pay for the licensing fees and bandwidth since the webcast is a one-man operation.  As always have great smooth jazz day from The Source: Smooth Jazz Radio - KJAC-DB.

The station broadcast address:

The Source:Smooth Jazz Radio - KJAC-DB
6602 NE 55th Street
Vancouver, Washington 98661

Owner/Program Director

Playing "The Best Smooth Jazz on the Internet"

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