(Won't Let Go) Smoothjazz Weekend with Tina E.
Tracks - Set 1:
Justin Lee Schultz-Do I Do
Brandon Lane-Moving Forward
Conru Blacque Carpenter-Dance With Me
Ben Tankard ft. Marion Meadows-Rise
Dave Bradshaw jr. ft. Darren Rahn-Jumpstep

Tracks - Set 2:
Skinny Hightower-Closer
Melvin Pierce-You & I
Tony Exum Jr. Ft. Vandell Andrew-Don't Run From Love
Ronny Smith-In The Rain With You
Julian Vaughn-Romance The Rain

Tracks - Set 3:
Rohan Reid-Song For Ivy
Tim Watson-Urbanistic
Ryan La Valette-Groove With Me
Philip Doc Martin-Won't Let Go